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Flyerless is a new platform designed to connect students with clubs and societies. Founded in 2020 by three University of Bristol students and supported by Bristol SU, Flyerless integrates alongside existing platforms to promote student/group collaboration through innovative tools including a smart suggestions algorithm, text and video chat, and social media integration.

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Flyerless delivered a cost-effective and well featured platform which allowed Galenicals’ societies to connect with students despite the challenges of running the event online.
Jack McAlinden, Galenicals (University of Bristol Medical Student Society) President 2020-21
Flyerless has been designed to improve the student experience throughout the whole academic year. It provides a centralised location for students to manage their interests and mailing lists and interact with clubs.
Flyerless can also be used for virtual events such as Freshers’ Fairs, working equally well as a complete replacement for traditional physical events or as a complementary tool for “blended” events.
Why choose Flyerless?
Flyerless is the creation of three University of Bristol students. As organisers and participants of various groups, we were frustrated with the shortcomings of the tools provided to us by our Students’ Union and wanted to make something better. Flyerless does not rely on creating virtual worlds, we focus on providing the tools students and groups need via a friendly, accessible interface.
Flyerless also makes it easy for groups to create and manage GDPR-compliant mailing lists. Students can sign up for updates with the click of a button and manage all of their subscriptions from a central location on the Flyerless platform.
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Some interesting statistics
Gathered from testing in 2020
2572 70% 3397
Data Points Collected
Flyerless collects a wide range of data, allowing us to improve the service we offer and letting you optimise your event.
Users Prefer Flyerless
70% of users rate Flyerless better or much better than other virtual events platforms.
Sponsor Impressions Served
Total sponsor impressions served in our first trial (301 users). This led to a competitive 0.6% click through rate, comparable to Facebook ad click performance.
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